On Showing Respect to New, Entry Level Sales Hires

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They’re young, clueless and excited.

They come alone or in groups. In groups, they stick together and quickly become enchanted by free snacks and coffee. They know nothing about how to succeed here but they want to learn and learn it fast. At first glance, they appear to have absolutely nothing to offer you.

But look again, these are the new hires.

We have all been in their shoes. Coming into a new organization is always hard¬†especially in sales. But I still remember when I was one. I dealt with the usual hazing. Most of the mediocre veteran sales reps didn’t like the looks of me and let me know it too.

Armed with nothing but ambition I somehow managed to stay focused on learning the product while engaging in an occasional conversation with someone who didn’t instantly hate me. It was tough, but at that point my focus was singular and it was on becoming ‘somebody.’

In my first week here I was headed to the bathroom in between trainings. I was walking behind a veteran sales rep who I already knew had some clout within the org.

He walked in first. Just as the door was set to close in my face (usual first week stuff) this rep stepped back and opened the door for me. It was an extremely kind gesture. He went out of his way for me, the newest guy in the sales pit.

I soon found out that this was the company’s all time top performing sales rep, a living legend in these walls.

The show of respect he gave me was not soon forgotten.

A few years later and now I’ve paid my dues here, the legend has moved on to another company. But his gesture lasts. Whenever I see a new hire I think of him and what he did for me, all be it a small gesture.

Now I know what he knew, that these new hires are me. I was them. They’ve come looking for opportunity and they’ve found it. This was my chance and now it’s theres.

I appreciated what he did for me and I learned from him to do the same for the next generation of reps.

Their enthusiasm is contagious and if you hold the door open long enough for them to walk in, you might catch some of it.







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