Why Sales? Ask Victor Frankl

Posted On Jul 29 2016 by

If he can make it the through three years in Auschwitz and keep his sense of humor, anything is possible. A while back I read a book written by a great man and I have applied it to my sales career. I’m talking about Victor Frankl and his book, Man’s Search for Meaning. Frankl was a young and bright doctor, a psychologist, when the Nazi regime took him from his woman and his work to the concentration camp of Auschwitz. A free mind forced into captivity. His bright future had the lights cut off by power hungry politician, Adolf Hitler. But Frankl did not give up. He …

Find out “Why?” In Sales

Posted On Jul 28 2016 by

The most important word in sales is “Why?” Focusing on this one word has helped me tons. I ask the prospect and myself Why throughout the entire sales process. Why’s first introduction is made before the cold call. “Why am I calling this company?” Answer that before you reach out. Normally the answer is because you have a solution to their potential problem, because you want to help them. But it could be as basic as: because you need to make money to pay the rent. Some Why’s might be better than others but as long as there’s emotion behind your …

Sales Product Review : Yesware

Posted On Jul 25 2016 by

Sales and technology don’t intersect all that much. Sure we sell for technology companies but the act of sales is mostly human. Cold calling is real basic. It’s been going on since before there were automobiles and hasn’t changed that much. I’m not big on cluttering up my work gmail with extensions and sales apps. A lot of them send you to LinkedIn which I think can be a big distraction during the work day. But there is one product I use, Yesware. Yesware is an extension for your email that inserts a hidden tracking code into each email you …

Harper, Buss, Klopp and Native Americans on Sports

Posted On May 17 2016 by

Bryce Harper – MLB Player Jerry Buss – Los Angeles Lakers Owner Jurgen Klopp – Liverpool football coach Native Americans – inventors of lacrosse What one opinion about sports do all of the above people or groups share? Sports are entertainment. Sports should be fun to watch. A lot people say that winning is everything but the Native Americans played lacrosse simply to entertain the Creator. BRYCE Harper claims that baseball is too slow and boring and needs more excitement. Jerry Buss thinks basketball should provide the same entertainment value as a Broadway Play. Jurgen Klopp coined the phrase “heavy …

My Thoughts on Driving

Posted On May 17 2016 by

Love to drive. I respect the road. Driving is an individual sport that you play on a field with others. I’m defensive. I think every good driver is a defensive one. I don’t trust anyone on the road though. Especially with the advent of touch screen iPhones. The screen demands your full attention and when you combine that with driving on a highway it is bad news. I respect truck drivers. They haul the goods of our nation for a living. There wouldn’t be food at your grocery store without truck drivers. They deal with a lot of bad drivers …