OptionsHouse, a perfect platform for the novice Investor

Posted On Aug 20 2016 by

If you spend a lot of time in technology it might make sense to throw some money into companies you believe in. I recently was looking for a way to do just that but didn’t know how to start. As always, I turned to Google for some advice. After a simple search for ‘buying stocks online’ I saw some lists of the best platforms to use. One company I kept seeing getting positive reviews was OptionsHouse. What caught my attention first: NO MINIMUMS. What I mean is you can start buying stocks on OptionsHouse with only a couple of hundred …

UBER calls OTTO up to the big leagues – Self Driving Trucks

Posted On Aug 19 2016 by

A couple weeks ago I mentioned a very cool company called OTTO, a small team headed up by ExGoogleXers that are making technology so that commercial trucks can drive autonomously with no truck driver. Well it turns out that UBER must have been watching them as well because they just bought OTTO for somewhere around $680 million. OTTO will still do its thing within UBER but probably now can get just get stuff done a lot faster with UBER’s help. Will this solve the nationwide truck driver shortage? Probably will it just comes down to when. Two thoughts on the …

Magic Beach Motel, Florida’s Best Kept Secret

Posted On Aug 18 2016 by

Stayed here in on a recent trip to Florida. MAGIC BEACH MOTEL is the real (vintage) deal. The motel is located in a sleepy little beach paradise called Vilano Beach, one bridge away from St. Augustine, Florida. Apparently it’s authentic, built back when tourism to the area was booming. Since then things have quieted down. But the recent owners have brought Magic City Beach back from the dead. It’s a stones throw from the beach. Neon lights glow in the Florida night. Rules are non existent. The motel was actually used as the backdrop to a quirky 90’s tv show …

Vision is Everything (in Sales)

Posted On Aug 9 2016 by

That’s original artwork from yours truly. Two men with great Vision. Frank Loyd Wright had the ability to envision a building spring up from nothing but uncultivated land. Michael Jordan could see the game of basketball unfold before it actually played out. The same is true in sales. If you can anticipate your clients needs or questions you can prepare and position yourself to achieve. Vision is being able to not only see what’s happening at the moment in front of you but where things are going. Thinking and adapting to change because you saw it. It’s a full awareness …

How 40 people at OTTO have restored my faith in humanity

Posted On Aug 9 2016 by

That’s it. I take back anything bad I’ve ever said about anybody, ever. All is right with the world. Things are going in the direction. The future looks bright. Sorry but I can’t help the overflow of positive emotions I get when I see a group of people doing something really awesome. I’d Like to Praise You This group of people I’m talking about is a stealth mode company with about 40 employees, named OTTO. I think they’re going to make a big impact on transportation. They are creating technology that will allow vehicles to drive themselves. Not cars, no …

Wall Street Journals design team is doing awesome work

Posted On Aug 8 2016 by

The power of good design. Wall Street Journal is synonymous with print. But I was blown away by how well they design their site online. In an article about changes to Brazil’s infrastucture in preparation for the 2016 Olympics they really put out something beautiful.   The type overlaying the images on the headline is cool. Scrolling through article is an enjoyable experience as well. It’s great to see a company with such a long standing reputation stay relevant with lovely design.

Will Automation replace Sales? part 1

Posted On Aug 2 2016 by

“Remember that dystopian view of the future in which technology displaces millions of people from their jobs? It’s happening. In the last three weeks alone, Foxconn announced it will replace 60,000 factory workers with robots, a former CEO of McDonald’s said given rising wages, the same would happen throughout their franchises, Walmart announced plans to start testing drones in its warehouses, and Elon Musk predicted fully autonomous car technology would arrive within two years.” – Jeff Weiner in an open letter to employees of LinkedIn after being bought by Microsoft. KEY WORDS: “It’s happening.” To put it simple, robots will …

Ray Dalio counter punches New York Times low-blow

Posted On Jul 31 2016 by

Good for Linkedin, good for Ray Dalio and now that I think about, good for the New York Times. Ray Dalio, founder of the largest hedge fund in the world – Bridgewater Associates in Westport, CT – recently wrote a “Letter to the Editor” style post on LinkedIn. It was in response to an article published by the New York Times entitled “Sex, Lies and Videotape” or something to that effect and it was about Bridgewater’s unique corporate culture. Gotta give it to the Times, they know how to sell! The Times was selling the public on the idea that …

Biggest Hedge Fund Founder Ray Dalio explains how the Economy Works (simple video)

Posted On Jul 31 2016 by

I live about one mile from Bridgewater Associates in Westport, CT. Their office is tucked away in the forest. Nobody ever mentions Bridgewater in Westport and I’d bet that most people don’t even know it exists. Ray Dalio is its founder. Bridgewater oversees more money than any other hedge in the world. He’s from Queens, NY and has a knack for making complicated things sound simple. I thought I should share this video he created to explain how the economy works. It’s incredible and effects all industries, including sales.

14 Thoughts for writing Sales Letters

Posted On Jul 29 2016 by

David Ogilvy said, “Nobody, at any level, should be allowed to have anything to do with advertising until he has read this book seven times.” The book he’s talking about is “Scientific Advertising,” by Claude Hopkins. Hopkins was a self-made master of copy writing and sales writing. He changed the advertising game by applying scientific principles to writing advertisements and sales letters. The book was published ninety years ago – but just like that bad-ass grandpa who could still kick your ass – age is only a number for “Scientific Advertising.” Hopkins preached ‘salesmanship in print’, and there are no fancy …