I’m taking Computer Programming Classes at MIT, from my living room (for free)

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I could hardly believe what I was reading.

Someone, a distant connection on LinkedIn, threw up a random post that mentioned the Massachusetts Institute of Technology offering all of their courses online for free, for anybody.

In between sales calls, I googled ‘MIT OpenCourseWare.’ Fortunately, the person on LinkedIn wasn’t kidding around.

Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 2.05.06 PM

It’s true. MIT has put their entire curriculum, lectures, recommended reading, notes, on their OpenCourse website for all to access. I immediately busted out my wallet and donated to this incredible cause. For doing so, I got a sweet little button to post here:

MIT OpenCourseWare: I'm invested

I am currently ‘enrolled’ in MIT’s 6.0 Introduction to Computer Science and Programming class. I can now sit on my couch in the living room, throw on my Beats headphones and watch and listen to lectures from MIT. Pretty sure this one is from 2011 but still, this is an incredible experience.

I think what MIT OpenCourseWare is doing is powerful. I have long been against the barriers that keep everyday people from accessing top-level, higher education. OpenCourseWare has leveled the playing field and is allowing anyone with drive and ambition the ability to learn from the best.

They have courses ranging in all industries too. They have classes on Entrepreneurship, Transportation, Energy, Environment and Life Sciences. All right there on their website.

I learned the difference between “Declarative” and “Imperative” knowledge from the first lecture and I am ready to find out if I can navigate through the rest of MIT’s OpenCourseWare.

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