Here’s the Worst Thing You can do in Sales

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I’ve had the privilege of working alongside sales reps of all experience levels. It’s good practice to watch and learn from both the most seasoned vets as well as the rookies. The best sales people always share one thing in common, they all have a high level of character. Or simply, honest. There is no better way to find out how honest a sales rep is than to ask her a question that she doesn’t know the answer to. I learned this trick from Booker T. Washington’s book, Character Building. The book covers a series of lectures Mr. Washington gave …

Who the Big Business Brands are supporting for President this Year

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Will Writing Replace Talking?

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Strong headline, I know. But think about it. When was the last time you verbally talked to your mom? Your partner? Your prospect? Was the last communication between you two verbal or written? Chances are, the last time you talked to your mom or prospect, you didn’t really ‘talk’ to them – you communicated by text, instant message or email – in writing. My most recent sale was executed strictly through email messaging. The last time I talked with my mom, I didn’t actually talk to her, I texted her. Instant Reading Technology (internet) has shortened the amount of time between when someone …

On Showing Respect to New, Entry Level Sales Hires

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They’re young, clueless and excited. They come alone or in groups. In groups, they stick together and quickly become enchanted by free snacks and coffee. They know nothing about how to succeed here but they want to learn and learn it fast. At first glance, they appear to have absolutely nothing to offer you. But look again, these are the new hires. We have all been in their shoes. Coming into a new organization is always hard especially in sales. But I still remember when I was one. I dealt with the usual hazing. Most of the mediocre veteran sales reps didn’t …

Open Source Sales is a Noble Thought

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I recently learned about a well-known figure in technology and design, an impressive man named John Maeda. He’s been trending in the news because of his decision to leave Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and take a new position as the Global Head, Computational Design and Inclusion at Automattic, the company that owns WordPress (my preferred platform for website creation). John has an incredible resume including 12 years as a professor at MIT’s Media Lab and then the President of the Rhode Island School of Design from 2008-2013. According to his sort of outdated blog, , when he joined RISD, he didn’t …

How to Book a Sales Demo with Two Simple Steps

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It’s easy to book demos. At least now it is. I, just like many sales reps have learned what works through nothing but trial and error. The errors lead to a few bumps and bruises along the way. Truth be told, it wasn’t always easy. The Dark Ages of Cold Calling Though the years I have tried many different methods when cold-calling in hopes of booking a demo. I remember a particularly dark time in my sales career that I will refer to as “The Fake Enthiusiasm Ages.” I must have read one of those generic self-help/sales-starter-kit how-to books that …

The Best Sales line ever said (by Jeff Bezos of Amazon)

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Amazon founder Jeff Bezos knows a thing or two about sales. When you think Jeff Bezos you don’t think salesman…but think again. Bezos is always selling, talking about the value of Amazon, convincing every interviewer that Amazon owns the future. He sold me recently when he delivered what I think is the greatest line I have ever heard to close a deal: “If you are not a (Amazon) Prime member, you are being irresponsible.” That is the highest form of salesmanship I have ever heard. Bezos said that to his stockholders at a meeting. Really he said, “Our goal with …

How Much Vacation should an Inside Salesperson Take?

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There’s been a recent trend of high-profile technology companies offering their employees ‘Unlimited Vacation’ or ‘Open Paid Time Off.” It’s in an effort to recruit top talent and keep employees happy. But if you are in sales too, you know that these types of employee perks always seem to apply more to the non-sales departments at companies. Like ping pong tables for example. Companies tout new ping pong tables like they are some kind of Fountain of Youth that offers an unending supply of joy and health. But us salespeople know one thing: That ping pong table is not for …

Vision is Everything (in Sales)

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That’s original artwork from yours truly. Two men with great Vision. Frank Loyd Wright had the ability to envision a building spring up from nothing but uncultivated land. Michael Jordan could see the game of basketball unfold before it actually played out. The same is true in sales. If you can anticipate your clients needs or questions you can prepare and position yourself to achieve. Vision is being able to not only see what’s happening at the moment in front of you but where things are going. Thinking and adapting to change because you saw it. It’s a full awareness …

14 Thoughts for writing Sales Letters

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David Ogilvy said, “Nobody, at any level, should be allowed to have anything to do with advertising until he has read this book seven times.” The book he’s talking about is “Scientific Advertising,” by Claude Hopkins. Hopkins was a self-made master of copy writing and sales writing. He changed the advertising game by applying scientific principles to writing advertisements and sales letters. The book was published ninety years ago – but just like that bad-ass grandpa who could still kick your ass – age is only a number for “Scientific Advertising.” Hopkins preached ‘salesmanship in print’, and there are no fancy …