I’m taking Computer Programming Classes at MIT, from my living room (for free)

Posted On Aug 20 2016 by

I could hardly believe what I was reading. Someone, a distant connection on LinkedIn, threw up a random post that mentioned the Massachusetts Institute of Technology offering all of their courses online for free, for anybody. In between sales calls, I googled ‘MIT OpenCourseWare.’ Fortunately, the person on LinkedIn wasn’t kidding around. It’s true. MIT has put their entire curriculum, lectures, recommended reading, notes, on their OpenCourse website for all to access. I immediately busted out my wallet and donated to this incredible cause. For doing so, I got a sweet little button to post here: I am currently ‘enrolled’ …

OptionsHouse, a perfect platform for the novice Investor

Posted On Aug 20 2016 by

If you spend a lot of time in technology it might make sense to throw some money into companies you believe in. I recently was looking for a way to do just that but didn’t know how to start. As always, I turned to Google for some advice. After a simple search for ‘buying stocks online’ I saw some lists of the best platforms to use. One company I kept seeing getting positive reviews was OptionsHouse. What caught my attention first: NO MINIMUMS. What I mean is you can start buying stocks on OptionsHouse with only a couple of hundred …

Ray Dalio counter punches New York Times low-blow

Posted On Jul 31 2016 by

Good for Linkedin, good for Ray Dalio and now that I think about, good for the New York Times. Ray Dalio, founder of the largest hedge fund in the world – Bridgewater Associates in Westport, CT – recently wrote a “Letter to the Editor” style post on LinkedIn. It was in response to an article published by the New York Times entitled “Sex, Lies and Videotape” or something to that effect and it was about Bridgewater’s unique corporate culture. Gotta give it to the Times, they know how to sell! The Times was selling the public on the idea that …

Harper, Buss, Klopp and Native Americans on Sports

Posted On May 17 2016 by

Bryce Harper – MLB Player Jerry Buss – Los Angeles Lakers Owner Jurgen Klopp – Liverpool football coach Native Americans – inventors of lacrosse What one opinion about sports do all of the above people or groups share? Sports are entertainment. Sports should be fun to watch. A lot people say that winning is everything but the Native Americans played lacrosse simply to entertain the Creator. BRYCE Harper claims that baseball is too slow and boring and needs more excitement. Jerry Buss thinks basketball should provide the same entertainment value as a Broadway Play. Jurgen Klopp coined the phrase “heavy …

My Thoughts on Driving

Posted On May 17 2016 by

Love to drive. I respect the road. Driving is an individual sport that you play on a field with others. I’m defensive. I think every good driver is a defensive one. I don’t trust anyone on the road though. Especially with the advent of touch screen iPhones. The screen demands your full attention and when you combine that with driving on a highway it is bad news. I respect truck drivers. They haul the goods of our nation for a living. There wouldn’t be food at your grocery store without truck drivers. They deal with a lot of bad drivers …